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KPKS Protein Kinase Profiling

Kinetworks™ Protein Kinase Screen 1.2

Reversible phosphorylation is the major form of post-translational modification and regulation of proteins in eukaryotic cells. In humans, this is catalyzed by at least 516 protein kinases. Kinexus has tested over 900 commercial protein kinase antibodies to identify and incorporate of the best of these into our Kinetworks™ KPKS services. The KPKS 1.2 Protein Kinase Screening Service offers our best value as over 75 different antibodies are used to track 78 different protein kinase targets in cell and tissue specimens. This Kinetworks™ screen facilitates the characterization and profiling of the sites of action of beneficial and deleterious compounds, as well as the comparison of pathological-to-normal states.
The application of the Kinetworks™ KPKS screen has demonstrated profound species, organ and gender-related differences in protein kinase expression patterns. This proteomics service is best suited to monitor changes in protein kinase expression, although our SDS-PAGE gel composition is forumulated to also reveal changes in protein kinase phosphorylation by band shifting. For tracking the phosphorylation of protein kinases at specific phosphosites, we recommend the use of the Kinetworks™ KPSS 10.1 and KPSS 11.0 screening services. Over 100 additional protein kinases can be screened with our Kinetworks™ custom KCPS and KCSS immunoblotting services.
Features of the Kinetworks™ Protein Kinase Screen 1.2 include:
  • Simultaneous identification and activation assessment of a network of 78 protein kinases.
  • Use of the best of over 900 protein kinase antibodies pre-tested and validated for specificity and efficacy within the Kinetworks™ screening systems.
  • Qualitative results with TIFF images of two immunoblots per analyses.
  • Quantitative results with measurement of the intensity of the immunoblot signals over a thousand-fold range.
  • Bar graphical representation of immunoblotting results.
  • Over 1000 Kinetworks™ KPKS analyses performed to date and the results are available in the KiNET Databank for comparison.
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Download single immunoblots images of Kinetworks™ KPSS screens
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Download 1 page profile sheet about the Kinetworks™ KPSS Screens Services
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Download colored immunoblot overlays of Kinetworks™ KPSS screens