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Our commitment to employees is established in our philosophy and realized through our values, diversity and actions. Our employees contribute to the success of the company through their hard work, ideas, productivity and enthusiasm. Kinexus acknowledges these efforts and reciprocates by providing competitive salaries, generous benefits plans, interesting and challenging work, and a safe and clean working environment. Central to our commitment is that we also enable our employees the opportunity to develop their skills continuously, communicate constantly and openly, while encouraging a healthy work-life balance. To see how this commitment is realized, please read our Philosophy, Value or Diversity Statements.

Kinexus Philosophy

Kinexus acknowledges that employees are the Company's greatest asset. Their hard work, dedication and ideas have contributed to making Kinexus a success. Kinexus promises to treat all employees fairly, equitably, and respectfully, and offers generous compensation packages, attractive working conditions, and excellent career opportunities. Kinexus recognizes the ability to excel and succeed depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork of employees and we value these qualities most highly. We strive to create an environment that rewards commitment and performance and is responsive to the needs of employees and their families. Kinexus is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity towards its employees while striving for scientific excellence to benefit and improve human health that will ultimately enhance the quality of life.

Kinexus Values

Kinexus conducts leading-edge research to increase our understanding and knowledge of cell signaling networks to benefit health care in the 21st Century;
We build our relationships on honesty, justice, and fairness;
We provide an environment that meets our employee's financial, academic, and social needs;
We encourage and promote creativity, innovation, and leadership;
We strive for excellence through learning, listening and continuous improvement;
Our business model is novel and unparalleled by any other company; and
We recognize that the success of the Company is made possible through the dedication of our employees, the contributions of our shareholders, and the support of our customers and collaborators.

Kinexus Diversity

Kinexus is committed to developing and utilizing the diverse talents and energies of all our employees, consultants, collaborators and associates. We retain people from various educational, cultural and professional backgrounds to provide fresh perspectives and novel solutions that benefit our Company. These diverse viewpoints are directed to improve and benefit the Company through an emphasis on innovation, communication and teamwork. At Kinexus, we respect the diversity and dignity of all our employees. Although we are 99.5 % genetically identical, our similarities and differences, as described below, contribute to our success:


Some Kinexus employees are hired straight from school with little to no experience, while others contribute over 40 years of industrial or academic experience.

Cultural Background

Kinexus has employees with origins from Africa, Armenia, Canada, China, Greece, India, Italy, the Middle East, India, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United States. As the Company continues to grow, we expect that this list will also grow proportionately.

Economic Status

Employees are paid at various levels depending on their position, education and experience, but since all employees are shareholders of Kinexus, their financial status will be greatly enhanced by the success of Kinexus.


Kinexus employees hold post-secondary degrees in the fields of Science, Computer Science, Business, Finance, and Administration. Kinexus also hires undergraduate students through University co-operative education apprenticeship programs and high school students through a joint mentorship program.


The youngest Kinexus employee is 18, while the oldest employees prefer to not have their ages revealed.


Kinexus currently has a work place ratio of approximately equal numbers of males and females.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities

Kinexus retains individuals in permanent or temporary, full or part-time positions with job tasks ranging from apprenticeship training programs for undergraduate students through to directors managing Corporate Divisions.


Some of the languages spoken fluently by Kinexus employees include English, French, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian and Greek. These language skills can be useful when dealing with international customers or other associates who may require interpretation.

Other Differences

Some of the other differences that make each Kinexus employees unique include:
  • Lifestyle, including marital and family status
  • Personal style
  • Physical and mental abilities
  • Religion
  • Thoughts and perspectives