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Kinexus is striving to be a world leader in development and application of proteomics and bioinformatics for the discovery of novel diagnostics and therapeutics based on leading-edge knowledge of cellular communication systems. To this end, we have created a unique business model where our clients are
also our valued partners in the common pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of human health. Our shareholders are not only seeking a financial return on their investment, but they also want their investment to foster the development of personalized medicine to reduce disease and improve human wellfare.

Press Releases

Press Releases

A list of our press releases appear below. We have included a PDF the original full length news release for your convenience as well as any related links whenever possible. They are listed in descending order based on the date and year of publication. Please contact us at for additional information on any of the news events described in these documents or to have future new releases e-mailed to you as they occur.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Kinexus has not released annual reports the last few years. If you would like to receive updates from Kinexus, please send your request to

Media Articles

Media Articles

Kinexus has provided this list of articles and feature news stories as a convenience but their inclusion does not imply endorsement of the content of these publications by Kinexus. Kinexus has no control over the content of these publications and assumes no responsibility for this third party content.

Click on each title to view a pdf document of the full article or a weblink.

2006 Articles

Business Edge News
Mathematics stepping out of the shadows. Graduate student program gives industry a look at discipline’s uses.
June 22, 2006, Vol. 6, No. 13
Article by Nicole Standlund
Nature Biotechnology
Protein kinase profiling. Commentary
2006 September
Article by Dr. Steven Pelech
Nature Methods
Cell signaling branches out.
2006, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp 223-229
Article by Alan Dove
Future Pharmaceuticals
Kinase profiling: The mysteries unraveled.
2006, Vol. 1, pp 23-25
Interview with Dr. Steven Pelech
Cool Companies Magazine
It’s all about communication and control.
2006, Vol. 2, pp 44-45
Article by Dr. Steven Pelech

2005 Articles

The Scientist
Kinase screening services probe signaling pathways.
May 2005, Vol. 19, No. 9, pp 33-34
Article by Lissa Harris
Drug Discovery News
Public proteomics: Kinexus launches KINET proteomics database.
September 2005
Article by Lisa Espenschade

2002 Articles

National Post
Patently wrong. Canada's billion-dollar drug industry will be at risk if patent laws are eroded
Wednesday, March 6, 2002, Page FP15
Article by Dr. Steven Pelech

2001 Articles