Signalling Pathways

What is it? The Kinexus Signalling Pathways Interactive Screen Saver features over 180 pathways starting from extracellular mediators and usually terminating at the regulation of transcription factors. It’s a great tool to learn your signalling pathways or find out about the latest news from Kinexus.

Why do I want it? It’s darn pretty, actually mesmerizing. It’s very educational and it’s free! You can select from five colours for the pathway text and five different backgrounds. The interactive feed lets you know about new services, promotions and other features from Kinexus. It will impress your lab mates.

Some of the signalling pathways are too small for me to read or they move too fast. Simply click with your mouse on the pathway of interest and it will move to the bottom center of the screen and rise enlarged so that even granny can read it as it is streaming by.

The pathways run too slow and are choppy. This depends on the processing speed of your computer. You can improve performance by cutting down the number of pathways shown at once to 25 or less in the “options” panel.

Do I have to see the interactive from Kinexus? You can switch it off in the “options” panel, but please don’t. We have great things currently available and planned for release in the near future, and we really want to let you know. When you click on the interactive text, it will take you directly to our website for more information.

When I tried your screen saver, nothing happened. What’s wrong? When you first install the screen saver, you need to enter your selections in the “options” panel. Sometimes the default settings have to be initialized.

When I look real hard, I only see about 35 pathways. Each time the screen saver is activated, it selects 50 from the 180 pathways randomly. In the future, we will be producing updated versions of the Kinexus Signalling Pathways Interactive Screen Saver with more pathways and features.
Screen Saver Screen Shots