Web Links: Protein Phosphatases

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Protein Tyrosine PhosphatasesNovo Nordisk and Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryThis website aims to provide a peer-reviewed compendium on Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases (PTPs) that integrates sequence and structure information with cellular and biological function. It provides a resource for annotation and classification of the classical, tyrosine-specific PTPs.
Protein Phosphatase Information ResourceUniversity of Manchester, Manchester, UKPhosphaBase is a database resource housing information relating to protein phosphatases. The data contained within PhosphaBase spans from the genomic level through to the three-dimensional structure of the protein. Each entry is indexed to the Gene Ontology, which is currently the central organisational point for the database.
PhosphataseNETKinexus Bioinformatics Corp., Vancouver, CanadaKinexus has amassed data on 156 human protein phosphatases. In the near future, we plan to make this information available through our SigNET Knowledge Bank with the PhosphataseNET Knowledgebase. Stay tuned for the release of PhosphataseNET Version 1.0 later in late 2015.