Web Links: Protein Phosphatases

The following blog sites offer a wide range of news and views on a diversity of biosciences-related topics from individuals ranging from graduate students to established principal investigators and science writers.

The rankings provided reflect a composite of the quality and quantity of content on the blog site as well as how directly related they are to the focus of Kinetica Online. If you are aware of any other blog sites that should be included here, please contact kinetica@kinexus.ca.
Site Rating Description
123 bioinformatics*A blog site with over 1167 biotechnology help topics but these often relate to non-scientific issues.
American Biotechnologist**This blog from Bio-Rad (Hercules, CA) has been created as a place where PIs, Graduate Students, Technicians and Science Educators can network, post and view articles, videos, seminars, techniques etc of interest and generally find subject matter relevant to them.
Aetiology**A personal blog site from Dr. Tara Smith, who is an assistant professor of Epidemiology in Iowa, which focuses on the causes, origins, evolution and implication of disease and other phenomena.
Bad Science**A personal blog site from Dr. Ben Goldacre, who is a medical doctor, writer and broadcaster. Bad Science covers a wide range of health and science topics.
Becker**A blog site produced by Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (La Jolla, CA) that covers recent medical research with commentaries from diverse individuals.
Bench Marks***The focus of this blog is the discussion of methods used in biology laboratories. This blog is kept by David Crotty, the Executive Editor of Cold Spring Harbor Protocols (Woodbury, NY).
Beyond The Human Eye***A personal blog site from Phil Gates, a botanist at Durham University, on botanist at Durham University, with commentaries and outstanding microphoto images on microbiology topics.
BioBOOM -The Biotech Blog***A blog site produced by Yali Friedman and focuses on the business of biotechnology with news of medical breakthroughs and the biopharma industry.
Biochemistry and Bioinformatics**This website features diverse articles on biochemistry and bioinformatics and is produced by the Sri Sankara Arts and Science College (Enathur, Kanchipuram).
Biocrowd**BioCrowd is an on-line social network started by Drs. Clifford S. Mintz and Vincent Racaniello and designed for interactions between individuals involved and interested in the biosciences. professionals. It features only very recent blogs.
Biohacker**This website is produced by a physicist identified as Dimitri that is learning biochemistry.
Biohealth Investor*A commercial blog site from Biohealth Investor (New Rochelle, NY) that provides daily updates on companies and trends in the biotech industry.
BioImplement*A personal blog site from Christopher Hogue (Singapore) that has not been updated since Feb. 2009.
Bioinfoblog*Not too many blogs on this website from Italy with infrequent updates.
Bioinformatics Organization*The website for the Bioinformatics Organization with news and commentaries.
Bioinformatics SnowDeal*A personal blog site from Eric C. Snowdeal III devoted to bioinformatics. However, it has not been updated since June 2006.
Bioinformatics: biology by other means*A personal blog site from Alberto Labarga (Granada, Spain) that has not been since Oct. 2009.
Bioinformatics@Becker**A blog site with updates and Musings from the Bioinformatics team at Becker Medical Library.
Biology in Science Fiction**A personal blog site produced by Peggy discusses cloning, genetic engineering, mutant monsters, longevity treatments and all the other biology behind science fiction.
BioMed Central Blog ***This website produced by BioMEd Central features articles on diverse topics in biology.
Biopharmconsortium Blog**A commercial blog site from Allan B. Haberman (Wayland, MA) on various biotechnology advances.
Bioscience Technology*A blog site from Bioscience Technology with commentaries related to biological sciences and biotechnology.
Biosearch Tech Blog**This website from the company Biosearch Technologies and covers diagnostics methodologies.
Bio-Synthesis*A commercial blog site from Bio-Synthesis, Inc. that appears to mainly profile their products.
Biotech Blog**A blog site produced by Yali Friedman (Washington, DC) has commentaries on commercial, legal, political and scientific trends in biotechnology.
BIOtechNOW**BIOtechNOW (Mississauga, Ontario) seeks to contribute to public conversation about the impact of biotechnology on our lives and our world. It explores how biotechnology helps heal, fuel, and feed our global community through sound, video, and the printed word. It is produced by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).
BioWorld***BioWorld Today is a daily source of news about developments in companies in the biotechnology industry. Subscription required.
Bitesize bio**Bitesize Bio is an online magazine and community for molecular and cell biology researchers.
Blind.Scientist*A personal blog site from a bioinformaticist with very brief musings on bioinformatics and other science topics.
Blog.Bioethics.Net***This website from the editors of the American Journal of Bioethics is dedicated to the study and teaching of ethical dimensions of health care and health policy.
Blogged**An expansive website that covers diverse topics. The website's search engine provides for the retrieval of news and blogs on more specific subjects including cell biology and biochemistry.
Blogtoplist**An expansive website that covers diverse topics. The website's directory provides for the retrieval of blogs based on catogories that are located in alphabetical order.
Boston Blog**This website features news and commentary on the Boston science scene.
Business, bytes, genes, molecules***A personal blog site from Deepak Singh with commentaries on science, data and computing.
Canadian BioTechnologist2.0***A commercial website from Bio-Rad that features contributions from undergraduate and post-graduate students, bench scientists, and technologists that includes posters, tools, research, presentations, articles, white papers, multimedia, music downloads and entertainment, conference announcements, and videos.
Chemblogs**A commercial blog site from Sigma-Aldrich as a feedback panel for the global chemical community, with posts written by Sigma-Aldrich personnel and invited posts from leaders in academia and industry.
ChEMBL-og**A blog site from the Computational Chemical Biology Group (ChEMBL) based at the EMBL-EBI Outstation at Hinxton, U.K. It covers news and progress related to drug discovery and provides access to databases.
Chemical blog space*A blog site with relatively few comments actually linked to chemistry.
Clinical Cases and Images: Caseblog**A website with health news updated by an assistant professor at the University of Chicago.
Comprendia*A commercial blog site produced by Mary Canady with suggestions for marketing to life science companies.
Comprendia Blog**This website produced by the Comprendia Biosciences Consulting Group and contains commentary on effective marketing.
Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat**A personal blog site from Richard P. Grant of the Nature Publishing Group, which focuses on diverse science
Corante - In the Pipeline**A personal blog site from Dr. Derek Lowe, who is an organic chemist that has worked a several major pharmaceutical companies. Corante presents through the eyes of leading observers, analysts, thinkers, and doers, critical themes and memes in technology, business, law, science, and culture.
Culture Dish**A personal blog site from science writer Rebecca Skloot about diverse topics in science and medicine.
Daily Tech*A website with daily broad technology news and commentary. Biomedical related topics appear every two to three weeks.
Developing Intelligence**A personal blog site from Chris Chatham, a graduate student ay the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO) with a focus on developmental and computational cognitive neurooscience, comparative psychology, psychometrics and artificial intelligence.
DNA bloggers*A blog site with ommentaries on genomics-related topics, but not very recent (San Francisco, CA).
DNA exchange**A blog site with commentaries from a group of genetic counselors with an interest in public discussion of genetics-related issues.
Ensembl Weblog*The Ensemble Weblog contains information on updates to databases in Ensembl (UK).
Experimental Man Project**A blog site with genomics and disease commentaries from David Ewing Duncan, who is a journalist and author, and the Director of the Center for Life Science Policy at UC Berkeley.
Eye on DNA**A blog site with commentary from Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei and videos related to DNA.
FuturePundit**A blog site with commentary from Randall Parker and news about future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.
GEN***The blog site for Genetic Engineering and Biotech News.
Gene Expression***A personal blog site from Razib Khan that features a wide variety of comments related to the biological sciences including book reviews.
Gene Forum***Geneforum is a nonprofit affiliate of the Portland State University Foundation created in 1998 to "promote dialogue at the intersection of genetics, ethics, and public values."
Gene Sherpas***A blog site produced by Dr. Steve Murphy (New York, NY) with commentary on medical genetics and personalized medicine.
Genetic Future***A blog site with commentary from Dr. Daniel MacArthur (New York, NY) on human genetics and personal genomics.
Genetic Interference**A blog site with commentary on disease genetics, genomics, statistics and public health, as well as communication of science by Luke Jostins, a Graduate Student at King’s College, Cambridge and the Sanger Institute.
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News**A website that includes web-exclusive news and features, Webinars, videos, podcasts, and newsletters related to the biomedical advances and the biotechnology industry.
Genome Alberta Blogs***This website is a source of information related to genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and bioethics research in Alberta. It is based on the main website of Genome Alberta (Calgary, Alberta).
Genomes Unzipped**Genomes Unzipped is a group blog providing expert, independent commentary on the personal genomics industry.
Genomeweb****This website provides a daily listing of news from the biotechnology industry and advances in biomedical research (New York, USA).
Genomeweb - The Daily Scan****This website provides a daily listing of interesting blogs from a wide range of other blog sites (New York, USA).
Genomicron**A personal blog site with commentary from T. Ryan Gregory, an evolutionary biologist specializing in genome size evolution at the University of Guelph in Canada.
Genomics Law Report**Genomics Law Report is a publication of the law firm Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson focusing on the legal implications of important developments in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine.
Health Blog***Health Blog offers news and analysis on health and the business of health. The blog is written by Katherine Hobson and includes contributions from staffers at The Wall Street Journal, WSJ.com and Dow Jones Newswire.
IamBiotech***A blog site produced by produced by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) that is dedicated to helping the biotech community address those challenges and support the industry’s work to Heal, Fuel and Feed the world.
iBiome*A personal blog site from Brain Yates with commentary on general biology topics.
IguanaBio**This website is a daily pharma and biotech tabloid that takes a colorful and unique perspective on the industry’s breaking news, developments, events and personalities.
IVDTinsight**IVD Technology is a trade journal designed for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic products with peer-reviewed articles covering a wide range of technical and regulatory topics. The publication’s primary focus is on diagnostics technologies--including research, development, and manufacturing.
JCVI Weblog***A blog site produced by the J. Craig Venter Institute (Rockville, MD) that has news and articles related to genomics studies.
Jim's Corner**A personal blog site that features the thoughts and perspectives from the Biotechnology Industry Organization's president and CEO Jim Greenwood.
Lymphoma Info**A blog site that covers lymphoma-related issues by providing concise, up-to-date information and a meeting place for lymphoma patients and those who care about them.
Mass Genomics**A personal blog site that features comments about genomics from Dan Koboldt, who works in the Medical Genomics group of the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University in St. Louis.
Mass Spectrometry Blog**A Web log of mass spectrometry websites, discussion groups, mailing lists and other links and items of interest to the mass spectrometry community. This blog is run by Kermit Murray, professor of chemistry at Louisiana State University.
Mayo Clinic***This website contains a wealth of information, including questions and answers about many different diseases (Rochester, MN).
Medchem Blog**This blog site provides information on drug discovery related topics such as medicinal chemistry and pharmacological aspects of drugs as well as simple lab techniques.
Medical Blogs**This website includes medical-related blogs that are tracked by Journal Watch.
Medical News, Articles and Blogs**This website features medical news, articles and blogs with several medical-focused forums.
MedWorm-Bioinformatics Blog**This blog site features a wide range of medical focused forums with blogs from other blog sites.
Microarray BiochipTechnology*A commercial blog site from Arrayit Corporation and Todd Martinsky covering microarray technology advancements.
Microbial Art***A website that features a collection of unique artworks created using living bacteria, fungi, and protists.
Microbiology Blog**A blog site with microbiology news and views that focuses on journal articles and book reviews (UK).
MicrobiologyBytes**A blog site produced by Dr. Alan Cann with news and comments related to microbiology topics.
miRNA blog**A blog site dedicated to tracking advances in the microRNA field with news, commentaries and blogs.
Molecular Biology Blog**A blog site with commentary on current research, forthcoming conferences, hot research topics, high impact publications (UK).
My Biotech Life**A blog site with commentary by Ricardo Vidal about life sciences and biotechnology topics.
Nascent**A commercial blog site from the Nature Publishing Grioup on web technology and science.
Nature.com ZBlogs***A websire with blogs written by the editors and journalists and members of Nature Network and also includes posts from hundreds of third party science blogs.
Neurologica Blog***A personal blog site from Dr.Steven Novella, who is an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine. His blog covers news and issues in neuroscience, but also general science, scientific skepticism, philosophy of science, critical thinking, and the intersection of science with the media and society.
Neurophilosophy***A personal blog site produced by a molecular and developmental neurobiologist turned science writer.
Nex-Gen Sequencing***A blog site from Stuart Brown, an associate professor in the Dept. of Cell Biology at NYU School of Medicine, which focuses on the rapidly developing world of Next-Generation DNA sequencing, with an emphasis on bioinformatics.
NSGC President's Blog**A personal blog site from Liz Kearney, who is the President of National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC). The blog covers topics related to the interests of NSGC.
Omics! Omics!**A personal blog site from Dr. Keith Robinson, a computational biologist, on new technologies, genomics and proteomics.
PCR blog*A blog site with information on PCR reviews, PCR technology, tips and advice, and troubleshooting (UK).
PepCyber****PepCyber: P~Pep is the largest public database of human protein-protein interactions mediated by phosphoprotein binding domains (PPBDs).   The database is hand curated from peer-reviewed literature and is a rich information source emphasizing the reported, experimentally validated data for specific PPBD-PPEP interactions. The current release of the PepCyber: P~Pep database V1.2 (May 2010) includes 11,269 records of interactions between 387 PPBD proteins and 1,471 substrate proteins, curated from 4,852 publi
Pharma Strategy Blog**A commercial blog site from Dr. Sally Church of Icarus Consultants, Inc., with a focus on developments in oncology, hematology, immunology, respiratory and HIV.
PIMM - Partial Immortalization*A personal blog site from Attila Chordash, who is a molecular biologist and biotechnologist. His blog site covers personal genetics, stem cells and mitochondria, regenerative medicine, biotechnology, indefinite life extension, science hacks and bioDIY amongst others.
Plant Biotech Blog**A personal blog site from Dr. Chavali Kameswara Rao, who is a professor in the Department of Sericulture at the Bangalore University in Bangalore, India. Plant Biotech Blog features analyses and views on various issues of modern agricultural biotechnology.
PMC Blog***A blog site with commentaries from the Personalized Medicine Coalition.
PolITiGenomics**PolITiGenomics is a blog by David Dooling about the confluence (and sometimes incongruence) of several of the most important topics surrounding the future of human health: genomics, information technology, and politics.
PolitiGenomics**A personal blog site from David Dooling, who runs the Analysis Developers, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and the Information Systems groups at The Genome Center at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. PolitiGenomics is devoted to commentary about the confluence (and sometimes incongruence) of several of the most important topics surrounding the future of human health: genomics, information technology, and politics.
Proteomics 2.0**A blog and discussion forum from the compant SageN Research, Inc. for tools, insights and approaches for the next generation of proteomics analysis.
Public Rambling**A personal blog site from Dr. Pedro Beltrao with comments on bioinformatics science and technology.
Red Orbit**A website with news on a wide diversity of science and technology-related subjects as well as education, entertainment, business , politics and sports (Texas).
Regina's Biology Blog**A personal blog site from Regina Lynn Bailey, who is a science educator, with news and comments related to scientific insights in biology and health.
Research Blog**A website that links to blog sites on diverse subjects in science and the humanities.
Sandwalk**A personal blog site from Dr. Laurence Moran, who is a biochemistry professor at the University of Toronto.
Sci Blogs**A personal blog site from a computational biologist that covers a wide range of science-related topics (New Zealand).
Science 2.0**This website features news and commentaries on a wide range of life and physical science-, medicine- and social sciences-related topics.
Science Base Blog***This general science website produced by David Bradley features science news, interviews and commentaries.
Science Blog***A large blogsite with news and commentaries on general science.
Science Blogs***A website with news and commentary on a wide range of topics in the life sciences.
Science Careers Blog**This blog site from Science Magazine provides updates from the science-career trenches including advice, opinion, news, funding opportunities, and links to other career-related resources.
Science Life**This blog site is produced by Jeremy Manier and Rob Mitchum at the University of Chicago Medical Center and provides news and commentary about clinical and theoretical advances – from new kinds of cancer treatments to new ideas about how life evolved. Contributors to the blog include some of the world’s leading authorities on complex surgery, cancer, evolution, genetics, heart disease, organ transplants, and many other fields.
Science Roll**A website produced by Dr. Bertalan Mesko (Hungary) with commentaries and other features related to genomics and medicine.
Science-based Medicine**This blog site explores issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine. The editorial staff of Science-Based Medicine is composed of physicians who, alarmed at the manner in which unscientific and pseudoscientific health care ideas have increasingly infiltrated academic medicine and medicine at large, have decided to do their part to examine these claims in the light of science and skepticism.
Scienceforums**This website features a large variety of forms with thousands of blogs on different subjects including science and medicine.
Scientist Solutions***This website features a large variety of forms with news and commentaries on different techniques and equipment used in biomedical research.
Spoonful of Medicine**This blog site produced by the Nature Group contains commentaries on science, medicine and politics.
Stem Cell Daily**This website is collection of news articles about stem cells and research.
Target Health Global**A commercial website produced by Target Health Inc. with news and videos about biomedical advances (New York, NY).
The Biotech Ethics Blog**This blog site produced by Dr. Chris MacDonald is focused on ethical issues in the biotechnology industry, including health biotech, food biotech, and industrial biotech.
The Evilutionary Biologist**A personal blog site from John Dennehy, an evolutionary biologist affiliated with Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center.
The Genetic Genealogist**A blog site produced by Blaine Bettinger that seeks to examine the intersection of traditional genealogical techniques and modern genetic research. The blog also explores the latest news and developments in the related field of personal genomics.
The Great Beyond**A Nature Group blog site that focuses on biology and biotechnology.
The Haystack**A blog site from Central Science that features news and commentary on chemistry and life sciences advances.
The Health Care Blog***This website features news about health care advances and includes interviews and videos. It prints original material from many contributors and syndicates posts from other bloggers.
The In Vivo Blog***This website, produced by Elsevier Business Intelligence. features daily news about medical advances and is
The Loom**A blog site from science writer Carl Zimmer provides news and commentary on diverse science-related subjects.
The Open Helix Blog**A blog site with commentary and news from Jennifer and other staff at Open Helix.
The Personal Genome**This website features commentaries and short video interviews on genomics and personalized medicine. It is produced by Jason Bobe, who is the Director of Community for the Personal Genome Project based out of George Church’s lab at Harvard Medical School.
The Weblog Biotech***A blog site produced by Creative Weblogging that covers advances in medicine and biotechnology.
Think Gene**A bio blog produced by Josh Hill and Kevin Fischer about genetics, genomics, and biotechnology.
Thoughtomics**A personal blog site from Lucas Brouwers, who is a M.Sc. student in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease in Nijmegen (Netherlands). The blog provides commentary on evolution, bioinformatics, music and assorted random thoughts.
Transcription and Translation**A personal blog site from Dr. Alex Palazzo, an assistant professor in Biochemistry at the University of Toronto, which focuses on mRNA, cell biology and related topics.
Tree of Life**A personal blog site produced by Jonathan Eisen, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Davis.
UTNE Blogs**A broad website that covers everything from the science and technology to the environment to the economy, politics to pop culture.
Virology Blog**A personal blog site from Dr. Vincent Racaniello, a Professor of Microbiology at Columbia University Medical Center, that provides educational insights into viruses and viral diseases.
What You’re Doing Is Rather Desperate**A personal blog site from Neil Saunders, a statistical bioinformatician with CSIRO Mathematics, Information and Statistics, with a focus on genome-scale analysis and the computational tools.
Wired Science***This website produced by Wired Magazine contains general science articles.
Yokofakun**A personal blog site from bioinformaticist Dr. Pierre Lindenbaum (Paris, France) about bioinformatics, semantic web, comics and social networks.